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All gas fireplaces

Boundless luxury,
more within reach than ever

A Trimline Fires fireplace lets you create and personalise the fireplace – and house – of your dreams. Experience the unrivalled luxury of a suite in a 5-star hotel, in your very own home! Coming home will never be the same again. From now on, living in the moment and enjoying life to the full will be the new standard.

The options are endless – no extensive alterations to your home needed! Our fireplaces can be installed in almost any spot in your house. A perfect match between technology and design.

Frontal fireplaces

Trimline 38 Front

Trimline 46 Front

Trimline 55XH Front

Trimline 63H Front

Trimline 64 Front

Trimline 70 Slim Line

Trimline 73 Front

Trimline 73H Front

Trimline 83 Front

Trimline 100 Front

Trimline 120 Front

Trimline 140 Front

Trimline 170 Front

Trimline 170H Front

Panoramic fireplaces

Trimline 38 Panoramic

Trimline 63 Panoramic

Trimline 64 Panoramic

Trimline 83 Panoramic

Trimline 100 Panoramic

Trimline 120 Panoramic

Trimline 140 Panoramic

Corner fireplaces

Trimline 38 Corner

Trimline 63 Corner

Trimline 64 Corner

Trimline 83 Corner

Trimline 100 Corner

Trimline 120 Corner

Trimline 140 Corner

Trimline 2050 On the Corner

Tunnel fireplaces

Trimline 55XH Tunnel

Trimline 73H Tunnel

Trimline 83 Tunnel

Trimline 100 Tunnel

Trimline 120 Tunnel

Trimline 140 Tunnel

Room divider fireplaces

Trimline 73 Room Divider

Trimline 83 Room Divider

Trimline 85 Room Divider

Freestanding fireplaces

Trimline Tourmaline

Trimline Zircon

Trimline Quartz

Trimline White Quartz

Trimline Topaz

Trimline Opal