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A freestanding gasfire furniture

Trimline Tourmaline - Wood or Fire

The ultimate fireplace experience. Sitting around the fireplace

Gather around the fire, sitting on a specially designed stool. Feel the warmth of the dancing flames around you. Would you like to relax while lying down? Use the stool as a nice backrest, comfortable cushion or as an easy footrest.

Discover the different stools. One robust and brown, matched with traditional logs. The other fiery red and orange matching the flames.

It’s not only a fireplace, it’s a piece of furniture.
It’s a creation like no other
The Tourmaline is one of world the most popular gemstones in the world. The Tourmaline is very versatile and can be found in various varieties. A Tourmaline is know to bring joy, happiness and beauty. Perfect qualities. Due to its versatility there’s always one that fits you best!

Design with a smile

The beautifully designed Trimline Tourmaline is the result of the creative talents of Elke van Raamsdonk. Her fire for design lit at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. One of the world’s leading design schools, at the department
focusing on products that enhance human well-being.

Her passion for design is triggered by her desire to make the world a happier and a more beautiful place. With subtle adjustments, Elke knows how to give products a feminine touch. Softness, refinement and playfulness characterize her designs.

A fireplace in your home should always look fantastic, even if the fire is turned off.

One of the first things Elke focused on before starting the design is the desire to get together, sitting around a campfire enjoying the flames and warmth.
The Trimline Tourmaline has perfectly recreated this unique experience in the home.

The colored stools at the bottom give the fireplace an extra dimension. Easy to reach and versatile to use. The fabric colors match the natural materials of the fireplace. The natural brown color of bark on the crackling logs in the fireplace. And the fiery red color of the flickering flames. Designed with the desire of a warm get-together.

Anything for your personal style. View all the options.

View all of the many options and let your imagination run wild! Create the fireplace you desire, turning any room into a place where you will want to spend all your time. Live in the moment!
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