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Heart-warming creations

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Trimline Fires fireplaces warm hearts and homes across Europe

All over Europe, Trimline Fires’ fireplaces warm hearts and homes alike, from the rugged fjords of Norway to the icy peaks of the Alps in France – and, of course, in our own beloved Netherlands.

United Kingdom

The Netherlands














Technology meets comfort

Trimline Fires’ gas fireplaces are a mark of technological ingenuity. They offer you an unparalleled experience. Comfort and ease are key – even when the fireplace is off, or on its lowest setting. Want to know more?

Once put out,
the fire smoulders gently

We do things right, down to the last detail. If not, why bother? Once the last log has burned to ash, the embers of a real fire keep smouldering for a while. The built-in LED bed simulates this effect perfectly, sparking your imagination and creating a sense of wonder. Custom made, exactly as you imagine it.

The spark that starts the fire: discover the world of Trimline Fires

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Perfect creations thanks to our long history

Trimline Fires fireplaces are the beating heart of many a home – something we are very proud of. We’ve travelled a long road to get to this point, putting out fires along the way… If you want to find out more about our past, travel back with us to the year of 1974.

Our entire history
Best-looking fires

State-of-the-art technical ingenuity creates the ultimate cosy fire for you

Customise it

Your fireplace, your style. Combine all your favourite optional add-ins to create the ultimate feeling of home.


Ultimate comfort. You decide what your fire will look like.

High-quality product

We do everything in-house, from R&D to manufacturing, creating fireplaces that last a lifetime.