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Innovation and technology

Ultimate convenience. We excel at technological ingenuity

If you’ve seen one of our fireplaces before, you will know that they burn bright and true. There is a lot that goes into creating these vibrant, steady flames. Innovating and the perfecting of our technologies are crucially important for creating the ultimate ambience and a perfectly burning fireplace, especially for gas fireplaces. This is the only way to create the perfect ambience for your special moments.
We specialise in gas fireplaces and gas heaters. We do everything in-house, from beginning to end. We’ve been doing this all day, every day since 1974, full of passion and dedication. From initial testing in our workshop to the final creation in our manufacturing facility. We do whatever it takes to create an unparalleled, supremely comfortable fireplace experience for you in your home!

Technologies implemented perfectly

Anti-reflective glass

For the best experience, creating a perfectly burning fire for you.

Control options

Convenience and ease of use go hand in hand. Operate your fireplace from your favourite comfy chair, or however else you want.

Burner bed

You get to decide on your fireplace’s style – romantic and traditional, or sleek and modern?

Flickering flames

Fires and flames that will flicker endlessly, to the beat of your heart.

Chamber linings

Custom built, available in many different designs. Minimalist, traditional, or natural beauty? It’s up to you!


Let your imagination loose and be amazed

First-grade technologies, perfected by us, are the hallmark of Trimline Fires fireplaces. We do it right, all the way. After all, if you’re not aiming for perfection, why bother? Once the last log burns down, all that remains in the case of a ‘real’ fire is glowing embers. Our fireplaces mimic that effect, thanks to built-in LED burner beds.


The flames move you

It may sound like a cliché, but it really is true; the movement of the flames also moves you. Fire has a magical, spiritual quality, and Trimline Fires fireplaces have that quality too. Our R&D department is hard at work on creating that quality every single day.

Cutting edge technology

Behind the warmth and comfort lies a whole world of innovation and technology. A world where safety is our main priority and our knowledge and skills making sure you can enjoy your fireplace.
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Warmth capacity
Closed gas fires
Flue gas exhaust systems

Inspiration is the birthplace of all creation. View all our projects

Trimline Fires fireplaces warm hearts and homes across Europe

All over Europe, Trimline Fires’ fireplaces warm hearts and homes alike, from the rugged fjords of Norway to the icy peaks of the Alps in France – and, of course, in our own beloved Netherlands.
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