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Trimline Woody Grid

Modular wood fire

The Trimline Woody Grid is designed by Elke van Raamsdonk. Her designs are based on colorful thinking, being a little different and symmetry. That makes the Woody Grid perfect for your interior as well! A unique look which you compose yourself.

Discover a pleasurable warmth

The combustion chamber is tested according to the “BImSchV Stufe 2” standard. This German standard is one of the strictest standards in Europe and distinguishes itself from other standards by requiring very low emission values of dust and CO for wood-fired appliances. Due to this very good performance, the Woody Grid meets more than the requirements that will are mandatory in Europe. In this way, by purchasing a Woody Grid, you anticipate to the future.

A colored door and shelf

The Trimline Woody Grid is available in two variants.
    • Trimline Woody Grid S, including a square block
    • Trimline Woody Grid R, including a rectangular block
Optionally you can choose to add a door and shelf combination to one or more of your square blocks.
  • Dusty White
  • Ginger Yellow
  • Ice Blue
  • Terra berry


Download more information
Below you find the manual for the Trimline Woody Grid.
Download the manual

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Perfect creations thanks to our long history

Trimline Fires fireplaces are the beating heart of many a home – something we are very proud of. We’ve travelled a long road to get to this point, putting out fires along the way… If you want to find out more about our past, travel back with us to the year of 1974.

Our entire history
Mesmerizing flames

State-of-the-art technical ingenuity creates the ultimate cosy fire for you

Custom built & plenty of choice

Your fireplace, your style. Combine all your favourite optional add-ins to create the ultimate feeling of home.

Easy to use

Ultimate comfort. You decide what your fire will look like.

Premium quality

We do everything in-house, from R&D to manufacturing, creating fireplaces that last a lifetime.