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Have you ever thought about getting a fireplace for your house? Then you probably also asked yourself the question: what kind of fireplace should I get? A gas fireplace will provide you with heat, atmosphere and comfort.

Gas fireplace; easy to install

If your home is connected to the gas network, it’s easy to install a gas fireplace without any  major or invasive changes to your house.

Do you like convenience?

If you like convenience, a gas fireplace is the type of fireplace for you. Instant heat and ambiance. Just push the button of your remote control, or use the app on your mobile phone and the hearth starts burning. It’s easier to use then a wood fireplace and also safer.

Another advantage is the constant supply of heat with no downtime. When it gets too warm, you can just lower the flames using the remote control, adjusting the heat output immediately. This makes a gas fireplace much more efficient than an open wood burning fireplaces. You can also warm up one room without turning on the central heating.

As mentioned before, installing a gas fireplace can be relatively easy, especially if your home is already connected to the gas network. A gas fireplace can be installed almost anywhere in your home, for example in a corner or in the center of the living room. It can also be installed in your existing fireplace as an insert.

Additionally, cleaning a gas fireplace is less cumbersome and time consuming then a wood fireplace.

What types of gas fireplaces are available?

Besides warmth, a gas fireplace brings, ambiance to your home. Trimline Fires’ heart-warming creations come in a wide range of designs: Front, Corner, Panorama, Room Divider, Tunnel or Free Standing. The different fireplaces can be customized as well, creating the fireplace of your dreams. And unlike electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces have real flames. They are a welcome addition to every home, bringing joy, comfort and warmth.

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