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When you want to purchase a fireplace you also want to know the costs involved.  There are a number of factors you will need to consider, below are a number of factors that can influence the overall cost of your new fireplace.

The cost depends on your wishes

There are a lot different types of fireplaces. The options consist of trimless built in appliances available in different sizes from 38cm wide up to 170cm. Other options include corner, panoramic, freestanding, tunnel or room divider fireplace. In an addition endless options are available for you to create ultimate luxury. The extras allow you to customise your appliance the way you want. With a Trimline Fires Fire, you’re in control of creating the ultimate luxury and comfort.

Freestanding versus built in

Generally speaking it’s cheaper to install a freestanding fireplace instead of a built in one.  Freestanding fireplaces can usuallybe positioned in virtually any part of the home! The best location to keep costs down is to place the appliance as near to your gas connection as possible or install a gas connection nearby. Gas appliances must be fitted by a Gas Safe Registered installer.

As mentioned previously, a freestanding fireplace is generally speaking cheaper than a built in option as you will not need any building modifications If your preference is to have a built in fireplace, you have to take into account the building requirements. The size of fireplace surround and material usage will affect the total price

Your fireplace, your style

There are different customisation options to personalise your fireplace, giving you the opportunity to choose the elements of your dream fireplace. You can choose between:

You can additionally upgrade to Wi-Fi for maximum controllability of your fireplace. The more options a fireplace has, the more impact it has on the total cost of your fireplace.

Flue systems

When choosing for a fireplace, you also need a flue system for a safe use of your fireplace. All Trimline Fires use a specialised double wall concentric flue system. The concentric flue system is an obligatory and integral part of the complete combustion system and must be used when installing  the fire.

Our concentric  flue is made of high quality 0.5mm thick stainless steel AISI 316 inner and AISI 304 outer-liner and is approved according to CE in combination with all Trimline Fires balanced flue gas fires.

A wide range of flue and chimney components are available to allow easy installation when going  through the wall or the roof, in an existing chimney or a dedicated fabrication. Please consult your nearest retailer or visit for more information.

In the end there are several factors to consider when choosing your fireplace and to determine the total cost of your dream Trimline Fires fireplace. Here are the key points summarized: 

  • Always let a retailer/ installer inform you properly
  • Type of appliance, for example, front, tunnel or corner
  • Are you going for a built in or freestanding appliance?
  • Appliance location – what would be the ideal place, is a gas connection already available?
  • Will you be adding a fireplace surround?
  • Which optional extras or upgrades are you considering?
  • Flue requirements & installation

For more information about all available fireplaces and options download our brochure here.