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In this blogpost we would like to point out the different and unique build-in possibilities of our Trimline Fires. Our 63-73-100-120-140-170 Front and Tunnel models only have a build-in depth of 32cm. The result of this is that you only need a minimal space to build-in. It takes less footprint in your room without compromising on ambiance and comfortable warmth.

Besides this unique footprint, we also want to mention the easiness of installation of our products. We supply a ready to install product including, all materials needed, such as adjustable legs, convection chamber and grills, wall brackets and log set.

Trimline 63H Front

The Trimline 63H Front is very versatile when it comes to build-in possibilities. Because of its tapered design it can be placed against a 80cm wall with 45 degrees angle.

Trimline 2050 On The Corner

Another fireplace with a unique build-in possibility. The name says it already; on the corner. This is not just the regular Corner fireplace but you install this fireplace on the corner. This is a unique build-in possibility and looks awesome in L-shaped rooms, creating a 270 degrees viewing angle on the wonderful flames.

For more inspiration or curious for a Trimline Fires in your house? Visit or contact one of our dealers.