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The simplicity of the central heating

In today’s climate within the energy market many have decided to rethink their approach towards their home heating. With most of homes having already built-in central heating, many have decided to combine some other heat sources to try and spread the heat more efficiently across their homes. One of the most prominent and loving duos became a warm combination of central heating and a wood stove.

The biggest advantage of central heating is that it will heat your entire home evenly and let you make full use of every room. Central heating runs at relatively low temperatures. While it still radiates some energy, its main effect is to warm the air and disperse the heat slowly around the room. Which means that you can still feel shivery even when the thermostat is telling you that the air temperature is that of a summer’s day.

Why wood stove heat feels good

Have you ever been skiing and experienced scorching solar heat at the top of white-capped mountains, or just seen pictures of skiers stripped to T-shirts sun-bathing in the snow and wondered how is it possible to feel so warm surrounded by cold snow?

In the same way that you can feel uncomfortably hot when the sun is on your face at 1800 metres and 0°C, you can feel fulfilling warmth in a cold house with your back to a fire. Those hot metal surfaces are sending out massive waves of energy that convert to heat the instant they touch our body.

A wood-burning stove works and warms our home the same way like the sun heats our planet.

Why warming locally?

Combining different heat sources for home heating can provide many heart-warming benefits. By utilizing the simplicity and even distribution of central heating with the cozy warmth of a wood stove, homeowners can achieve a more efficient and comfortable heating system. Combining different heat sources in your home can help you achieve a more comfortable and sustainable living environment.

Choose your woodstove

Which woodstove fits you style the best? The basic Trimline Woody Air 6 or Air 8, does the job perfectly. Bringing you the warmth and cosiness. Trimline Woody Loft, choose between the different pedestals to give this stylish woodstove a personal touch. Or go wild with the Trimline Woody Grid, mix and match all the way! A modular woodstove that also offers color and playfulness.