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Are you in the process of remodeling? Have you bought a new house, or are you just fantasizing how a gas fireplace would look in your home? But do you still doubt whether it is a wise choice for the future? Then we would like to take away all your worries.

Our gas fires are already available for different types of gas. Here in the Netherlands, most homes simply have a connection to natural gas. An easy and good way to connect your fireplace. You enjoy the atmosphere that the flames give you and the possibility to heat your home. This doesn’t have to cost much gas at all, read more about this in our blog: Saving gas with the Ecomax feature.

Mixing hydrogen and gas

A Trimline Fires fireplace burns just as beautifully when a mix of gas and hydrogen is used as fuel. Since last year we have done several tests to see if we can still offer the most beautiful fire view. And that is the case! Should you be supplied with a mix in the future, you will not need to modify your fireplace. It is already ready for it!


As already mentioned, our fireplaces are suitable for several types of gas. Including (bio) propane. Bio propane is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. It is a liquid gas that consists of a mixture of waste and residual materials and renewable vegetable oils.

Trimline Fires are future proof

In summary, it is a good investment to choose a gas fireplace right now:
– 100% experience of atmosphere
– Easy way to save gas
– Can also be used in combination with hydrogen
– Suitable for (bio) propane

View our gas fires here and find your dream fireplace