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Increasingly, we hear that people want to get rid of gas or even that there is no longer a gas pipe in a newly built house. Despite that, you still want to be able to continue enjoying a creation from Trimline Fires. That’s no problem thanks to the use of bio propane.

What is bio propane?

Bio propane is a more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative of normal propane. It is liquid gas made up of a mix of waste and residues and renewable vegetable oils. In short, it is clean, sustainable, easy to use and widely available.

What is the difference between natural gas and (bio)propane?

Natural gas is delivered almost exclusively through a gas pipeline. This is because liquefying natural gas is very expensive, unlike (bio)propane. The calorific value of (bio)propane is almost three times higher than that of natural gas. This means that (bio)propane provides more heat and energy than the same amount of natural gas.

Applicable to Trimline Fires?

Of course! All Trimline Fires are suitable to be connected to both natural gas, propane and biopropane. This can be done through the traditional gas line or through a gas cylinder. So you never have to worry about running out of a working Trimline Fires and can therefore always continue to enjoy our heart-warming creations.

More information?

Want more information about the possibilities at your home? Then send an email to Don’t want to use gas or propane at all? We also have a nice selection of electric fireplaces available. Click here for more information.