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Trimline 83 Room Divider

Vakker og praktisk – den perfekte måten å dele opp rommet på.

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Ser du etter en stilig romdeler for å dele opp et stort rom i huset ditt? Hva med en romdeler-peis? Med en romdeler-peis kan du dele opp rommet på en flott og praktisk måte, samtidig som du kan nyte synet av flammene fra alle deler av rommet.

Standardversjonen av denne peisen har en brennerbase av trekubber og er utstyrt med dobbel brenner. Du kan også velge en integrert LED-base for å skape enda mer stemning. Trimline 83 RD finnes også i tunnelversjon. I tillegg leveres den med Ecomax-fjernkontroll, og du kan velge å legge til WiFi-betjening med Trimline Fires-appen.

LED-brennerbase: en peis som ser flott ut selv om flammene er slukket

Vår valgfrie LED-brennerbase skaper en flott ulmeeffekt. Du vil ikke tro at den ikke er ekte! Selv når du ikke bruker peisen, gir denne brennerbasen en herlig atmosfære. Du kan styre brennerbasens intensitet ved hjelp av fjernkontrollen eller WiFi-appen. Nyt peisen. Selv når den er slukket.

Anti-reflekterende glass: den perfekte peisopplevelsen

Skap den autentiske peisfølelsen ved hjelp av anti-reflekterende glass. Ingenting står mellom deg og flammene, unntatt et nesten usynlig lag med glass. Gjør deg klar for den optimale peisopplevelsen. Med flammer som skinner som aldri før, og glass som ikke reflekterer eller speiler.

Mer enn en peis: velg innvendig kledning

Med de mange innvendige kledningene vi tilbyr, kan du sette stemningen selv. Du bestemmer hvilken atmosfære peisen din skal skape. Det er du som skal bestemme hvordan peisen, og dermed hele rommet, skal se ut. Våre innvendige kledninger er designet slik at de passer til enhver innredning. Les mer om våre innvendige kledninger.


Trimline innebygde gassbranner inneholder følgende funksjoner.

Lukket system

Room Divider fireplace

Brennerbase med trekubber


Innvendig kledning i antrasittstål


Når det gjelder design og teknologi, gjør vi ikke innrømmelser. Med denne modellen kan du velge mellom følgende ekstrafunksjoner. Les mer om valgfrie funksjoner.

Anti-reflekterende glass

Adapter 220 VAC GV60

Ecomax veggholder





Innvendig kledning med svart glass

Innvendig kledning med riller

Tekniske spesifikasjoner

Drivstoff LPG
Varmetilførsel (kW) 12,23 13,9
Varmeeffekt maks. (kW) 10,2 11,5
Varmeeffekt min (kW) 3,7 3,5
Gassforbruk (m³/t)/(kg/t LPG) 1,3 0,431
Ytelse* % 83 83
Energimerking* B B
Avtrekksstørrelse (mm) 130/200 130/200
Vekt (kg) 172 172

*Best ytelse


Installation instruction TLF 1184-1185
6 MB
User manual
5,5 MB
TL 83 RD line drawing
48 KB
138 KB
Trimline 83RD (1184) - G25.3 Energy label
127 KB
Trimline 83 RD (1184) - G20 Energy label
126 KB
Trimline 83 RD (1184) - G30 Energy label
126 KB
Trimline 83 RD (1184) - G25-20mbar Energy label
129 KB

Foreslåtte modeller

Trimline 83 Panoramic

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Trimline 63 Corner

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I take into account when buying a gas fireplace?

It’s important to go to an authorised dealer to buy your gas fireplaces. Such dealers will be up to speed on all the ins and outs regarding installation and safety and will be able to tell you about the many options and give you a personal recommendation. Feel free to visit one of them, no strings attached. Going to an authorised dealer also ensures the safe and expert installation of your fireplace and any subsequent maintenance.

Find an authorised dealer near you.

How can I design my own fireplace?

You start by choosing a type of gas fireplace, such as a panoramic, tunnel, or frontal fireplace. This depends entirely on your personal wishes and the available space. Go to our overview page to view all the different types of gas fireplaces we make.

You can then customise your fireplace by picking and choosing from the many options, such as the chamber lining, burner bed, type of glass and remote control. Thanks to the wealth of possibilities, you will be able to create a fireplace that perfectly suits your personal style.

What are the advantages of a gas fireplace?

Compared to a traditional, wood-fired fireplace, a gas fireplace has a number of advantages. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • Instant comfort. Light and extinguish your fire with a single press of a button (using your wall switch or remote control or via the app).
  • There is no need for a chimney to get rid of the smoke. In most cases, we are instead able to install a flue in the nearest wall. As such, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of where to install your future fireplace.
  • The flames produced by a gas fireplace are just as lively and cosy as those of a wood-fired fireplace, but they don’t result in large volumes of ash that have to be cleared out.
  • Gas fireplaces are very efficient, which means they have a much lower environmental impact than traditional wood-fired fireplaces.

How safe is a gas fireplace?

Very safe indeed! Every Trimline Fires fireplace has been extensively tested and granted the CE quality label, meaning that every one of our products is extremely safe.

On top of that, expert installation is very important to ensure safety. That’s why we’ve developed stringent requirements for becoming an authorised Trimline Fires dealer and installer. That way, you are always assured of safe, expert installation. As such, it’s important to buy your Trimline Fires fireplace from and have it installed by an authorised dealer.
Maintenance is also an important aspect. You can do small-scale maintenance operations such as cleaning yourself (see the question about maintenance below), but your dealer will need to perform the annual mandatory servicing.

What about maintenance?

Once a year, an authorised specialist/mechanic will visit you for a scheduled mandatory servicing, making sure that your fireplace has everything it needs to keep the fire alive.

Please feel free to handle small-scale maintenance operations like cleaning the glass and replacing the batteries of the remote control yourself. And if you’re unsure about whether you’re allowed to do something yourself or would be better off having an expert look at it, feel free to contact us or your dealer.

What is the gas consumption of Trimline Fires fireplaces like?

That depends on the type and model you choose. Please go to the webpage for the type and model you have in mind to find out about that particular fireplace’s gas consumption.

What do I do when my gas fireplace isn’t working, because it has been damaged or is malfunctioning, for instance?

In most cases, the best option is to contact your dealer. They will ask you some questions to get a better idea of the issue at hand, and may send a mechanic round to have a look at your fireplace.

On the other hand, it may be a simple matter of a broken remote or a glass panel that has been damaged because something fell against it. In that case, your dealer will send you replacement parts, and if needed, come by to help you install these parts.

What options are there in terms of the installation location in my home?

Trimline Fires gas fireplaces can be installed in almost any spot in your home. However, your fireplace will need to be connected to a gas pipe, so that is a requirement. Moreover, a flue may need to be put in. For more information, please go to our Technology & Innovation page.

Should I opt for a built-in or freestanding gas fire?

If you’re looking for quick placement, a freestanding gas fire is advised as these release heat immediately. If you prefer a customised fireplace, built-in allows you to choose your own style. Look at our available options to see what’s the possibilities are.

What is the required heat capacity for my situation?

It’s important to determine the required heat capacity for your home first. Of course, you want your fireplace to burn brightly and vividly, but you don’t want your home to get too warm. That’s why nearly all our fireplaces have our double burner technology. This ensures that the flames will move and appear lively even while generating a minimal amount of heat. To make this happen, select the ECOWAVE setting on the remote control. For more information, go to our Innovation & Technology page.

Why do you recommend buying my Trimline Fires fireplace from an authorised dealer?

First of all, to guarantee optimum safety. Authorised dealers are certified, ensuring safe, expert installation. An authorised dealer will also be able to collaborate with you, helping you choose the right options for you or get custom work done. How about a beautiful wall of built-in cupboards framing your fireplace, special finishes, the best options and all the possibilities for positioning your fireplace. Feel free to contact one of our authorised dealers for an appointment, no strings attached.

What will I need to have a gas fireplace installed in my home?

Trimline Fires gas fireplaces are supplied with all the necessary elements to facilitate immediate installation, such as a remote control with a wall mount, convection grills, adjustable feet, wall brackets, wall tiles and flue systems. For more information, go to our Innovation & Technology page.

Could I mount a TV above my gas fireplace?

Certainly, provided that you keep a certain distance between the TV and the fireplace, and the materials used in the fireplace are properly insulating. Our dealers know exactly what is needed to allow you to mount a TV over your gas fireplace, so please feel free to contact them.

Is it possible to order a different size?

Trimline Fires has a wide range of models and sizes, suitable for nearly all situations. However, we are unable to provide different sizes than the ones we already carry due to our standardised production techniques.

Is my fireplace suitable for switching to different types of gas in the future?

Trimline Fires fireplaces are also very suitable for high-calorific natural gas, and can be refitted for (bio) propane as well.

How many years of warranty do you offer?

For any questions regarding warranty, please contact your dealer. Most maintain a warranty period of two years, but some may offer more. It also depends on the specific agreements that you reach with your dealer, including arrangements regarding maintenance and servicing. Feel free to contact your dealer for more information.

More questions?

Visit our knowledge centre or get in touch.