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Trimline 75E Solus

Trimline 75E Solus Corner

Electrify your fire

This Trimline 75E Solus corner fireplace is the perfect fireplace to create a welcoming interior. View the dancing flames from two sides. This appliance fits almost everywhere in your home, the only thing you need is a wall and enjoy!
Trimline 75E Solus Front

Classic looks

The Trimline 75E Solus front facing fire offers the possibility
to enjoy romantic evenings by the fireside.
This appliance is perfect as a built-in or combined with a more traditional mantle.
Trimline 75E Solus Panoramic

Energy creates more energy

The Trimline 75E Solus Panoramic fire lets you enjoy its flames from all three sides. Its dancing flames will generate happy moments, giving you time for reflection, either alone or with loved ones. Let this fire fill your home with a vibrant energy!

Ambient lighting

Extend the atmosphere beyond the fire and into the room using a Solus ambient lighting kit, allowing you to create a further interactive dimension to the environment. This additional lighting features 15 colour modes and can be controlled by the appliance remote control or via your smart device.
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Perfect creations thanks to our long history

Trimline Fires fireplaces are the beating heart of many a home – something we are very proud of. We’ve travelled a long road to get to this point, putting out fires along the way… If you want to find out more about our past, travel back with us to the year of 1974.

Our entire history
Mesmerizing flames

State-of-the-art technical ingenuity creates the ultimate cosy fire for you

Custom built & plenty of choice

Your fireplace, your style. Combine all your favourite optional add-ins to create the ultimate feeling of home.

Easy to use

Ultimate comfort. You decide what your fire will look like.

Premium quality

We do everything in-house, from R&D to manufacturing, creating fireplaces that last a lifetime.